Working Children


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Discover Why Children Work Around the World

Type of Resource: Individual Book
Target Grades: 2nd to 7th Grades
Pages: 61 Pages
Length of Study: Flexible Scheduling

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This ebook will take your students inside the world of working children, and discover the difficult challenges children face when they must work to help their families survive, or to support themselves when they have no one else to take care of them. The information in this book is gently presented, and will help your students develop a sensitivity to the plight of children who face a future without an education and little or no opportunities to change their lives for the better.

Each chapter shares information on the world of working children in different situations and workplaces. After the chapter, there are discussion prompters to help your family talk about what they read and how what they’ve heard affects them. You’ll find the information very moving, and be glad you’ve had the opportunity to think about what life is like in their situation.

Chapter Titles

  • Introduction: One Easter Morning
  • What Is Child Labor?
  • How a Country’s Development Affects Child Labor
  • Industrialized Countries Are Also Part of the Problem
  • Big Companies and Free Trade
  • Why Kids Work
  • Where is Child Labor Common?
  • Children Working in Fields
  • Children Working in Factories
  • Children Working on Rugs
  • Children Working in Mines
  • Children Working in Homes
  • Children Working on the Street
  • Children Working as Soldiers
  • Why Use Child Workers?
  • Dreams of Working Children

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