Timelines in History: Revolution & the Modern Age


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The Ultimate Timeline Resource!

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Our “Timelines in History” offers a timeline that has a heritage-quality design, but also offers the best in flexibility and functionality!

The timeline itself is designed so you can mount your favorite timeline figures inside on facing spreads. Unlike most other timelines, ours features headings that let you know where you are in history, with both dates and headings like, “The Middle Kingdom of Egypt” or “World War II.”

But the features don’t end there. Our timeline is also designed so that every other spread is blank. Why? So your student can file their own work in between, item such as:

  • Journaling Pages
  • Art Work
  • Student Reports
  • Creative Projects
  • Field Trip Mementos
  • Family Photos or Memories of Learning
  • Biographies or Famous People Profiles
  • Photographs or Drawings of Key Landmarks
  • Anything Else They’d Like to Remember & Save

This is the fifth part — the Revolution & the Modern Age portion — of the entire timeline. You can purchase each portion as you need it, or buy them all to use them for a world history study. You’ll find the other portions of the timeline listed below!

Revolution & the Modern Age – 1750 A.D. to the Present
Revolution and the Modern Age begins with the Industrial Revolution and the American Declaration of Independence and moves forward to the present through the Victorian Age, the World Wars, the Post-War World, and the New Millenium, along with other events and peoples contemporary to these.

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