Thanksgiving in 1621


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A Three-Week Study That Takes You to an Early New England Colony

Type of Resource: Short History, Culture & Holiday Study
Target Grades: K-8th, with Scaling on Some Activities
Pages: 84 Pages
Length of Study: 3 Weeks

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“Thanksgiving 1621” is a brand new 3-week study from Spirited~Autumn~Hope, arriving just in time to enjoy this family-focused holiday in an all new way. In this study, you’ll discover the history behind the First Thanksgiving, traveling first on the Mayflower, then building the Plimoth Colony, and ending with the Thanksgiving Feast that will coordinate with your own family’s celebration.

“Thanksgiving 1621” also takes you inside the culture of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe that helped them survive their first winter, teaching them vital skills needed to make it in the New World. And the study adds fun projects, crafts, and games that will allow your children to be fully involved in the holiday, as they prepare wonderful things for your own fall gathering.

The study includes guide pages that schedule each day’s activities, as well as providing weblinks and more; but it also includes historical reading, background, discussion, and cultural information, plus interactive notebooking pages that provide templates, paper crafts, printables, games, interactive experiences, and much more! It’s 84 packed pages of learning and fun to bring your family together!

“My daughter and I are really enjoying the 3 week Spirited Autumn “First Thanksgiving” unit study! We are taking a break from Children Around the World to complete it! Thanks for this great resource,,,the crafts and website resources, as well as recommended books are fantastic!” – Emily B. 2016

Take a look at a sampling of the activities you’ll find in this awesome study:

  • “Go Aboard” the Mayflower
  • Play the “Mayflower Crossing” Game
  • Explore a Mayflower Passenger’s Scrapbook
  • Perform a Reader’s Theater of the Mayflower Compact
  • “Meet” Historical Characters on Video
  • Create & Use Your Countdown Calendar
  • Make a Turkey Centerpiece
  • Play a “Thankful Photo Hot Potato”
  • Write a Pilgrim Play with a Pilgrim-English Translator
  • Go Inside the Lives of Plimoth Colonists
  • Settle the Home of a Pilgrim
  • Compare the Lives of the Pilgrims & the Wampanoag
  • Make Placecards for Your Thanksgiving Table
  • Create a “Thankful For . . . ” Fold-Up Book
  • “Be There” at the First Thanksgiving
  • Play the “Find the Turkeys” Game
  • Put Together “Turkey Bowling” for Thanksgiving Day Fun
  • Learn Wampanoag Words
  • Go Inside a Wampanoag Homesite
  • Find Out Just What the “Three Sisters” Are
  • Create a “Thanksgiving Turkey in Disguise” Activity Station
  • PLUS — Prepare Easy Original Thanksgiving Recipes Like Stewed Pompion!

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study:
There are NO Required Resources
Optional Resource: Mayflower 1620 by Plimoth Plantation
Optional Resource: 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving by Catherine O’Neill Grace