Sweeping Into the West

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Story of the American Frontier

Type of Resource: History & Culture Text
Target Grades: Grades 3-9
Pages: 106 Pages


In this easy-to-read, yet intriguing text, students will enjoy looking on as Americans flood westward af-
ter the Civil War. They’ll begin by looking at how America recovered from the Civil War, then follow the
westward tide as they move west with pioneers, and move along cattle trails with cowboys and their
chuckwagons. Along the way, they’ll see how the Transcontinental Railroad was built and changed the
West, and how the hunters they brought hundreds of miles into the prairie decimated bison herds. Kids
can discover how railroads and wagonsful of homesteaders also changed life in the West for Native
American tribes, and how Civil War veterans were used to determine their ultimate destinies. They’ll also
enjoy discovering more about the wild west, and its outlaws and scoundrels, those who took advantage of
growing towns, gold rush boomtown economics, and defenseless pioneers to make an unscrupulous living
for themselves as claim jumpers, horse thieves, or gunslingers!


  • Introduction
  • Lincoln’s Plans for Reconstruction
  • The Assassination of President Lincoln
  • Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction
  • Contrabands & Slaves Become Freedmen
  • Seeing the Change
  • Carpetbaggers, Rascals & Scalawags
  • Amending the Constitution
  • Social Changes in the South
  • Congressional Reconstruction
  • First African American Congressman
  • Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment
  • General Grant Becomes President
  • Scandals & Corruption
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1875
  • Racism in the South
  • Reconstruction Comes to an End
  • Homesteaders Head West
  • Free Land for All!
  • Staying on the Claim
  • Women on the Frontier
  • New Opportunities for Women in the West
  • Needed: A Railroad
  • The Transcontinental Railroad is Begun
  • The Transcontinental Railroad is Completed
  • Cattle Drives
  • Cowboys
  • The Great Herds
  • The First Settlers
  • Onto Reservations
  • Indian Warfare
  • The Great Sioux Warriors
  • The Southwest Tribes
  • The Ghost Dance
  • The Wild West
  • Lawkeepers
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
  • Closing of the Frontier
  • What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

    • This resource is the main text in the 7-Week Study “Americans Head West”

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