Stealth and Stolen Loot Set


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A Nine-Week Study That Takes You Through History from the Decks of Ships

This study follows another 9-week study, “The Sail Unfurling from Ancient Times to Mastering the Atlantic,” and completes this study of world history.

Type of Resource: History, Culture & Geography Study
Target Grades: 4th to 12th Grades
Pages: 260 Pages, Including 80 Pages of History Reading, 40 Pages of Cultural Reading & About 75 Journaling Pages
Length of Study: 9 Weeks

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This unique and intriguing study of world history begins in the wake of the Renaissance, and follows the development of sail and the technology of transportation as it continues to unfold in modern times since the days of empire building at sea. This journey through world history shows how sailing ships influenced — even made history what it was — from the times of European monarchs and their empires to the incredible technological developments of the twentieth century. Each week gives an up-close view of both significant historical events and the culture of sea life and the cultures of major civilizations in history.

Families will love how this study explains many of the major movements in world history: how new innovations in shipbuilding allowed Spain to conquer peoples in the New World and carry back countless tons of plundered treasure back to their homeland; how England finally realized her own power at sea to build one of the world’s largest empires; and how America was able to link ocean to ocean and send her navy all over the world. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering amazing things about world history that you never understood before, until you take a look at history from the decks of ships! Don’t miss this great journey!

Notebooking Focus:
All along the way, students will complete an open and go Captain’s Log journal. The journaling pages include more content about world history and civilizations, drawings and interactive learning opportunities, cut-outs, ship designs in history, technology that affected sailing and ship development, and so much more that will help the learning really stick! There are also pages that allow students to go on board ships to see the lives of sailors and naval men, pages that look at the weapons that affected world history, and those that focus on major historical events or battles. It’s a great journey, and packed with family fun!

This study includes most of the reading you need for the study, an activity resource, geography and navigational instruction, a schedule that coordinates reading resources, activities, website links, DVD suggestions, the journaling pages highlighted above,and more! It is planned around a four-day week, to make it super easy to fit into a busy family’s schedule.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Highly Recommended Resource: “Pirate!” Ebook by Kaeryn Brooks
    This resource is part of this set.

  • Recommended Resource: “Seabird” by Holling C. Holling
  • Recommended Timeline Resource: Homeschool in the Woods’ Sea and Sky Series Timeline Figures
  • Optional Reading to Add: “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch” by Jean Lee Latham and “Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World” by Jennifer Armstrong
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

This Set Also Includes “Pirate!”

A Study on Pirates, Buccaneers, and Their Loot!

Type of Resource: Short History & Culture Study
Target Grades: 1st to 6th Grades
Length of Study: Scheduled Right in “The Sail Unfurling from Sovereign States to Stealth at Sea”

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“Pirate!” is a two-week study on pirates, their plundering ways,
swashbuckling fights, and golden loot. Daily readings share
about their sea-faring culture and history, as well as the traditions
of pirates. The module includes schedule pages for the
two weeks that schedule daily assignments and the journaling
pages that include rich content and interactive pages. You’ll
love all the different things kids’ll learn, and the fun activities
that will bring pirates home with you!

Things to Learn & Do:
Ahoy! Pirates!
Time for a Raid
Golden Age of Pirates
Pirate Discipline
A Pirate’s Life
Dress Like a Pirate
Make Battle Swords
Pirate Attack! Game
Quarters Fit for a Cap’n
Pirate Hoard Game
The Jolly Roger
Treasure Map
A Hook Arm!
Log Book
Treasure Chest
Fortune Mapping
Treasure Ship Ho! Game
Shipboard Bottle
And More!

This study includes the reading you need for the study, activities and how to do them, fun games, and more! It is planned around a four-day week for those who want to use it independently. But it is also scheduled right into “The Sail Unfurling: Sovereign States to Stealth at Sea.”

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • No additional resources are required to use this study, and this study’s content and activities are scheduled as part of the module “The Sail Unfurling: Sovereign States to Stealth at Sea,” which is part of this set.