Stalking Sea Monsters


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A Resource for Recording What You’ve Learned About Sea Monsters!

Type of Resource: Individual Journaling Resource
Target Grades: 1st to 7th Grades
Pages: 80 Pages
Length of Study: Flexible Scheduling

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“Stalking Sea Monsters” is a journaling resource that allows students to record what they’ve learned about sea monsters of all kinds from the book, “Dragons of the Deep,” which can be purchased separately. This book is required to complete this journaling resource, and is available for purchase at

Journaling Focus:
This intriguing and fun journaling resource includes a spread on each sea monster students learned about in “Dragons of the Deep.” Each spread features these sections: Sea Monster Skeleton, Facts to Know, Unusual Features, Description, Drawing, and a “Stalking” section extra page. Kids will find it fun to fill in, and a great way to reinforce what they’ve learned.

This journaling resource includes four pages on each of sixteen monsters — monsters like the mega-squid Mesonychoteuthis, the plesiosaur Styxosaurus, and the super-shark Megalodon!

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “Dragons of the Deep” by Carl Wieland
  • “Stalking Sea Monsters” is scheduled as a recommended resource in the module, “The Sail Unfurling from Ancient Times to Mastering the Atlantic.”

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