Simple Machines


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A Seven-Week Science Study on Simple Machines

Type of Resource: Short Science Study
Target Grades: 3rd to 8th Grades
Pages: 40 Pages
Length of Study: 7 Weeks

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“Simple Machines” is a seven-week study on the science of simple machines, and how they are used in everyday life. Your family will love the information you discover about the six simple machines: the screw, the wedge, the inclined plane, the wheel and axle, the lever, and pulleys. As this is a science study, it is scheduled two days per week.

The module includes schedule pages for each of the seven weeks that schedule daily assignments, help you understand how to use each resource, and lay out website links. It also includes journaling pages that will reinforce student learning, and add additional content.

Journaling Focus:
The journaling pages included in this study make it SO easy to complete your science study! The pages include worksheets that allow students to show what they are learning, interactive journaling pages to fill out, and easy, practical activities and experiments that help students make new discoveries of their own. It’s all designed to be open and go, and the activities require only the simplest of household or paper supplies.

Weekly Topics:
Week 1: An Overview of the Simplest Machines
Week 2: Levers
Week 3: Inclined Planes
Week 4: Wheels & Axles
Week 5: Screws
Week 6: Wedges
Week 7: Pulleys

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “Explore Simple Machines with 25 Great Projects” by Anita Yasuda

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