Pre-K “I’m Ready to Learn” Module 1 – Farm

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A Nine-Week Study That Takes Young Learners On a “Five-Cluck” Farm Adventure!

Type of Resource: Preschool Skills Learning Adventure
Target Grades: Preschool
Pages: 96 Pages
Length of Study: 9 Weeks


Preschoolers will love this study that gets them working hands-on in basic skills like working with the
alphabet, phonics, sound discrimination, as well as counting, math, and sorting skills, and real-life skills, too!
Plus, they’ll get to make crafts and projects that relate to the fun farm theme!

Preschoolers will be fascinated by the inner workings of a farm. Not only will they read about and do
farm activities, but teaching helps right in the guide provide weblinks that take students to great places.
They can visit a farm, see for themselves how to care for chickens, even see how cows produce milk and
how people on dairy farms handle it — all online! It really takes the learning to the next level!

Notebooking Focus:
As they go, students will complete interactive pages that go along with their farm theme. They’ll love the
worksheets, journaling, interactive pages and the pages that help them create wonderful crafts and proj-
ects. All the pages are full-color and designed to be used with only basic craft supplies you have at home!

This study includes most of the instruction you need for the hands-on skill building and crafts, plus of-
fers teaching time strategies that help you go beyond just the skills to give them real experiences and
increased learning. The study is planned around a four-day week, to make it super easy to fit into a busy
family’s schedule, and the activities can easily be fit in between bigger sibling school times!

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Recommended: “Sing! Play! Create!” by Lisa Boston
  • Optional Resource: “Read & Rhyme Bible Storybook” by Crystal Bowman
  • NOTE! “Sing! Play! Create!” and the Bible Storybook are Both Used for All Pre-
    K Modules!
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

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