Prayer and Personal Involvement Journal


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Discover Challenges Children Face Around the World

Type of Resource: Individual Devotional-Style Resource
Target Grades: 3rd to 8th Grades
Pages: 110 Pages
Length of Study: Flexible Scheduling

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This ebook will take your students inside the world of children in developing countries or born in poverty, where they’ll discover the difficult challenges children face every day around the world. The information in this book is gently presented, and will help your students develop a sensitivity to the plight of children who face another day of hunger, nights without a home or bed, and a future without an education and little or no opportunities to change their lives for the better.

The journal is interactive, asking students to complete worksheets, service projects, outreach opportunities, and read about kids all over the world. There are sections on the needs children have for food and clean water, safe places and shelter from war, medical care, clothes, shoes, education, and their need for happiness and hope in the future from Christ.

Section Titles

  • What Do You Take for Granted?
  • Learning About Basic Needs
  • Food for Children Around the World
  • Safe Places for Children Around the World
  • Shelter from War for Children Around the World
  • Medical Care for Children Around the World
  • Clothes, Shoes and Education for Children Around the World
  • Happiness and Hope for the Future
  • Children Around the World Meeting the Lord Jesus Christ
  • What About You?

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