Pirate Mini-Study


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A Two-Week Study on Pirates, Buccaneers, and Their Loot!

Type of Resource: Short History & Culture Study
Target Grades: 1st to 6th Grades
Length of Study: 2 Weeks

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“Pirate!” is a two-week study on pirates, their plundering ways,
swashbuckling fights, and golden loot. Daily readings share
about their sea-faring culture and history, as well as the traditions
of pirates. The module includes schedule pages for the
two weeks that schedule daily assignments and the journaling
pages that include rich content and interactive pages. You’ll
love all the different things kids’ll learn, and the fun activities
that will bring pirates home with you!

Things to Learn & Do:
Ahoy! Pirates!
Time for a Raid
Golden Age of Pirates
Pirate Discipline
A Pirate’s Life
Dress Like a Pirate
Make Battle Swords
Pirate Attack! Game
Quarters Fit for a Cap’n
Pirate Hoard Game
The Jolly Roger
Treasure Map
A Hook Arm!
Log Book
Treasure Chest
Fortune Mapping
Treasure Ship Ho! Game
Shipboard Bottle
And More!

This study includes the reading you need for the study, activities and how to do them, fun games, and more! It is planned around a four-day week to make it easy to do, but it could also be spread out for longer, or customized to use in other ways.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • No additional resources are required to use this study as an independent mini-study.
  • Additionally, this study’s content and activities are scheduled as part of the module “The Sail Unfurling: Sovereign States to Stealth at Sea,” if you’d like to use them both together!

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