Our Solar System


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A Nine-Week Science Study on Our Home Solar System

Type of Resource: Science Study
Target Grades: 3rd to 8th Grades
Pages: 110 Pages
Length of Study: 9 Weeks

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“Our Solar System” is a nine-week study on astronomy that allows the kids to discover our home Solar System and beyond! The study covers the Sun, Moon, all the planets and some of their moons, plus space bodies at the edge of our system! As this is a science study, it is scheduled two days per week.

The module includes schedule pages for each of the nine weeks that schedule daily assignments, help you understand how to use each resource, and lay out website links. It also includes all the content and reading you need for this study, plus journaling pages and activities to help your student discover more about what they are learning.

Journaling Focus:
The journaling pages included in this study make it SO easy to complete your science study! The pages includes worksheets that allow students to show what they are learning, interactive journaling pages to fill out, and easy, practical activities and experiments that help students make new discoveries of their own. It’s all designed to be open and go, and the activities require only the simplest of household or paper supplies.

Weekly Topics:
Week 1: Our Solar System
Week 2: The Sun & Our Moon
Week 3: Mercury & Venus
Week 4: Earth & Mars
Week 5: Jupiter & Saturn
Week 6: Uranus & Neptune
Week 7: The Outer Reaches of the System
Week 8: Stars & Shooting Stars
Week 9: The Galaxies Beyond

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • No other resources are required to complete this study. It includes everything you need, except supplies for some activities.

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