LA 3 – Module 1


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Track Down Good Grammar with Scout the Dog!

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LA 3 – Module 1 is the first of four Grade 3 Modules. Together these four modules schedule a complete language arts program for a year, divided into these four sections (modules). Each module schedules all the language arts skills — reading, grammar, mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, handwriting, and creative writing. The grammar, mechanics, handwriting, and creative writing are covered in the included, easy-to-use (and fun!) worktext pages included in this module. The spelling and vocabulary aspect of this program need to be purchased as separate resources; the buying information for these is included in the module. The reading is covered by individual fiction books you can purchase or borrow from the library, and is also scheduled in the weekly guide pages.

The worktext pages center around a dog named Scout who can’t seem to stay out of grammar trouble — or any trouble, for that matter! His fun antics are told story-style in grammar exercises, keeping student interested in completing each days’ assignment, and making this language arts program both gentle and fun!

Topics Covered in LA 3 – Module 1:

  • Capitalization
  • Recognizing Complete Sentences
  • Sentence Types
  • Writing Friendly Letters
  • Use of Periods and Commas
  • Use of Exclamation Points
  • Use of Question Marks
  • Understood You in a Sentence
  • Introduction to Nouns

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Recommended Spelling Resource: SpellWell Book B & BB
  • Recommended Vocabulary Resource: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 3
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

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LA 4, LA 5, and LA 6 modules follow up on this module by repeating the same grammar concepts, allowing students to practice concepts by repetition and gain mastery over the course of a few years. Each of these older programs gradually add a few additional concepts each year, as well, giving students a great grasp of grammar concepts by the time they begin their junior high years. This prepares them well for moving forward with their creative writing in junior high and high school.