Illuminated Lettering


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Try Creating Your Own Illuminated Manuscript or Book!

Type of Resource: Individual Activity Book
Target Grades: 5th to 12th Grades
Pages: 48 Pages
Length of Study: Flexible Scheduling

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Books in medieval times were rare, produced by scribes handwriting manuscripts over and over. In some cases, artisan scribes were hired to create beautiful versions of these handwritten books in calligraphy enhanced with intricate, colorful borders, ornate initial letters, or illustrated scenes. In many cases liquid gold or gold leaf was added when their coloring work was complete. So beautiful was their work, and radiant the gold, that these books were known as “Illuminated Books.”

Now you can add to your study of medieval times in a unique and fun way! Create your own version of an illuminated book with this clear and easy-to-use guide to trying it yourself! This book gives you a complete list of the art items you need to get started and how to use them, then walks you through creating an overall idea for a design. Along the way, you will also learn how to create decorative alphabets, and use the many included templates for scroll, leaf, floral, and geometric designs, along with varied alphabets to compose just the right look for your own project.

What Basic Supplies Do I Need to Add to Use This Resource?

  • Calligraphy pen with a metal nib
  • Inks and paints and a quality brush
  • Pencils and erasers and a metal ruler that can be used as a straight-edge
  • Acid-free paper
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

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