Gladiators Clash in the Colosseum

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An Activity Resource That Takes You Inside the World of Gladiators

Type of Resource: Supplemental Activity Resource
Target Grades: Grades 1-9
Pages: 38 Pages
Length of Study: No Time Frame


“Gladiators Clash in the Colosseum” is an activity resource that allows your family to discover the world
of the gladiators! Students will learn how the gladiators learned their fighting skills, how they became
gladiators, and why they fought the way they did. They’ll even discover the background for the different
costumes and weapons they used.

The study covers six different types of gladiators whose traditions and fighting styles were adopted right
out of Rome’s amazing history. You’ll find out about the Samnite, Murmillo, Hoplomachus, Retarius, Thraex,
and Secutor gladiators.

Notebooking Focus:
Several pages in this activity resource can be completed and put into a notebook, including an overview of
each gladiator and content pages that give background on the gladiators and the Colosseum.

The resource includes easy-to-make gladiator figures that can be printed onto cardstock. Students love
the weaponry and costumes they carried and wore, which can be cut out and placed on the correct gladi-
ator. You’ll also find Colosseum walls that can be copied and formed into a model of the arena. Gladia-
tor mini-figures and beasts they fought are ready to set up and fight epic battles in the Colosseum. Print
figures and items again and again for multiple students and discover all different ways of using the figures
and model.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

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