Equine Science Module 2: Caring for a Horse


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A Twelve-Week Study of How to Care for a Horse and Keep It Healthy
Featuring the History of the Horse in Modern Periods

Type of Resource: Science Study
Target Grades: 3rd to 9th Grades
Pages: 174 Pages, About 100 are Notebooking Pages
Length of Study: 12 Weeks

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Your student will love this twelve-week horse study! The study lets kids discover how to care for a horse, including how to feed it, groom it, work with it, and provide what it needs in both field and stable. Students will also learn what a horse needs to stay healthy and how to provide it. The module includes schedule pages for each of the twelve weeks that schedule daily assignments, help you understand how to use each resource, and include website links. As this is a science study, it is scheduled for two days per week.

Notebooking Focus:
The module also includes numerous interactive journaling pages that allow your student to try out and practice what they are discovering about horses, but they do not need to have a horse to complete most all of them. The pages allow kids to show what they’ve learned in fun ways, and lets them try fun horse-related projects and activities. They are easy to complete and use.

This study includes scheduling pages for multiple resources, including the books below. You’ll want to choose how many of the resources you want to integrate. The schedule also lays out when to use the reading content, interactive journaling, and activities found in the notebooking pages.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “Complete Horse Manual” by Colin Vogel
  • Required Resource: “Album of Horses” by Marguerite Henry
  • Required Resource: “Horse Anatomy” by John Green
  • Highly Recommended Activity Resource: “Horse Crazy” by Jessie Haas
  • Recommended Resource: “Draw 50 Horses” by Lee J. Ames
  • Note: If you purchased “Horse Gaits, Balance & Movement” for Module 1, you’ll have it for a couple of assignments in this module. If you do not plan on doing the first module, you won’t want to purchase it. Also — all of the required and recommended resources above are used in all three modules in this series, except “Album of Horses,” used in the last two.
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

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