Draw Your World: South America



A Customizable Geography Study of the Continent of South America

Type of Resource: Individual Geography Resource, Can Supplement a Themed Study
Target Grades: 5th to 12th Grades
Pages: 37 Pages
Length of Study: Flexible Scheduling from 6 to 36 Weeks

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Your student will quickly be engrossed in this intriguing way of learning geography! Students will discover the continent of South America by drawing, working through a step-by-step learning process. Students are given instruction as to where to begin so they can correctly position the continent on the right latitude and longitude lines, and given helps and practice to gain proficiency in drawing the continent. As they sketch, they create designs that will help them recall what to draw, and learn the names of the individual countries.

As the student profiles South America, then sketches it, creates their own drafts, and identifies key geographical points, they will be absorbing the geography of this continent. Repeated practice and sketching opportunities really help it “stick.” By the time students are finished with this resource, they will be able to draw the continent of South America without helps onto a graph of their own making. It’s amazing — and it’s a fun way to learn!

How to Customize This Study:
You can decide how you’d like to use this study — as a 6-week short study, a 12-week trimester study, or a 36-week year-long study — or, you can customize your own schedule for any length of time in between! Helps right in this resource allow you to decide on a schedule that fits your other studies and topics, and walks you through how to schedule the sketches in this resource.

Scheduling helps, general geography worksheets to get students on their way, outline maps of the continent to use for assignments, numbered sketches to complete in order, and latitude/longitude grids for drawing this continent.

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