Diorama Page Pack


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An Animal Fun Activity Resource!

Type of Resource: Individual Resource
Target Grades: K to 5th Grades
Pages: 32 Full-Color Pages for Creating Seven Stand-Up or Box Diroamas
Length of Study: Flexible Scheduling

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If your students just can’t get enough animals, you might want to add this fun resource to your study of our Animal Worlds modules or another life science or nature study. Kids can make seven dioramas that coordinate with the seven habitats covered in Animal Worlds: woods, swamp, savannah, arctic, desert, coral reef, and rainforest. Students can make their own choice of a three-dimensional diorama or interactive playset diorama.

This resource includes 14 full-color background pages with 13 pages of animals to cut out and mount to make your own stand-alone or shoe box dioramas.

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  • Note: This fun resource can be added to our Animal Worlds modules or some other animals or nature study.