Children Around the World: China


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A Four-Week Study That Takes You to the Mysterious Land of the East

Type of Resource: Short Culture, History & Geography Study
Target Grades: 2nd to 6th Grades
Pages: 68 Pages
Length of Study: 4 Weeks

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Kids will love discovering this influential nation in Asia as they try out a variety of learning experiences. Kids will explore China and its traditions through cultural activities like creating a glowing Chinese lantern, tour Tienanmen Square, or making paper creatures. They’ll learn about the terracotta army, discover Chinese symbols, and get their own Chinese name. But the highlight of this study is the Cultural Gathering! Kids will love planning for the Chinese New Year Celebration, and trying out Chinese dishes like honey-glazed chicken with chopsticks!

Notebooking Focus:
All along the way, students will complete an open and go travel diary. The diary includes more content about China, drawings and interactive fun, cut-outs, native costume designs, and so much more that will help the learning really stick! It’s a great journey, and packed with family fun!

This study includes most of the reading you need for the study, an activity resource, a profile on a Chinese child, a guide for planning the Cultural Gathering, the Travel Diary pages, and more! It is planned around a four-day week, to make it super easy to fit into a busy family’s schedule.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “China: Activities to Experience China” by Debbi Michiko Florence
  • Recommended Fictional Reading: “Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze” by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis
  • Buying information is included in the study guide. Plus! There is information on how to download a free ebook from Voice of the Martyr called “Bold Believers in China. This resource is also scheduled in your guide.

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