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This Set Includes
The History & Culture Program “Ancient Civilizations”
and the Science Program “Seven Days of Creation”

Here’s More About “Ancient Civilizations!”

A Nine-Week Study That Travels Back in Time to Phoenician Trade Cities, Persian Palaces & Egyptian Pyramids!

Type of Resource: History, Culture & Geography Study
Target Grades: 5th to 12th Grades
Pages: 244 Pages, Including 80 Pages of Reading & Over 100 Journaling Pages
Length of Study: 9 Weeks

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Your family will love discovering the most ancient civilizations in history as they try out a variety of learning experiences in this marvelous study. Kids will explore ancient places in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Levant, and the Mediterranean. They’ll discover the landmarks and megaliths, temples and palaces they left behind, and get to know the rulers who really made things happen in the ancient world. They’ll find out who established ancient world justice, what kingdom set about colonizing the Mediterranean long before the Romans thought about it, and whose leaders prided themselves in their ruthless reputations.

Notebooking Focus:
As students learn, they are also completing Ancient Chronicle journaling pages. The chronicle includes more content about ancient people, places and landmarks; drawings and interactive learning; Bible Background pages, archeological pages, and Ancient Battle pages; plus so much more that will help the learning really stick! It’s a great journey you’ll love taking together!

This study includes all of the reading required for the study, weekly schedules that pull all of the resources in this study together, interactive pages plus activities and experiments in the Ancient Chronicle, website links, recommendations for DVDs, and more! It is planned around a four-day week, to make it easy to complete each week.

Weekly Topics:
Week 1: The Most Ancient Peoples – Early Man, Sumerians, Akkadians
Week 2: Aegeans & Babylonians
Week 3: Phoenicians
Week 4: Pyramid-Building Egyptians
Week 5: Tomb-Building Egyptians
Week 6: Israelites
Week 7: Assyrians
Week 8: Babylonians
Week 9: Persians

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

    Optional Resource for High School Students: “Unwrapping the Pharaohs” by John F. Ashton and David Down
  • Optional Resource for High School Students: “Unveiling the Kings of Israel” by David Down
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

This Set Also Includes the Science Program “Seven Days of Creation”
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A Six-Week Science Study on Creation

Type of Resource: Short Science Study
Target Grades: 2nd to 8th Grades
Pages: 67 Pages
Length of Study: 6 Weeks

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“Seven Days of Creation” is an easy-to-complete science study that takes a look at what God created on each day of the Creation week. The module includes schedule pages for each of the six weeks that schedule daily assignments, help you understand how to use your notebooking pages, provide activity helps, and include website links. The study is set up on a 2-day schedule because it is a science study.

Journaling Focus:
The journaling pages included in this study make it SO easy to complete your science study! The pages include rich content to read and discuss, interactive journaling pages to fill out, and easy, practical activities and experiments that help students make new discoveries of their own. It’s all designed to be open and go, and the activities require only the simplest of household or paper supplies.

Weekly Topics:
Week 1: The Creation of Light and Sky
Week 2: The Creation of Water and Land
Week 3: The Creation of Plants
Week 4: The Creation of Bodies in Space
Week 5: The Creation of Water Animals & Birds
Week 6: The Creation of People and Time

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • No other resources are required to complete this stand-alone study, which is a great accompaniment to your “Ancient Civilizations” study.