Animal Worlds Module 2 – Swamp Creatures


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A Five-Week Study That Takes You Down Into the Swamp

Type of Resource: Science-Based Theme Study with Eco-Journaling

Target Grades: K to 5th Grades

Pages: 149 Pages, Including About 100 Journaling Pages

Length of Study: 5 Weeks

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You’ll love this science-based themed study, which has far more content than our typical science-only study. It is designed around a four-day schedule and has the content of a core program.

You’ll head to the swamp and discover the most common swamp trees and plant, how they survive in their watery environment, get to know wetland animals and their homes among moss and mud, and how these amphibious creatures make their living. The study is built around the wonderful series, “One Small Square,” in which you’ll study “one small square” of a given habitat — in this case, the swamp. You’ll uncover what’s going on that small square, and discover other types of wetland areas as well. Your family will enjoy discovering nature together in the great outdoors — as well as in your living room or kitchen!

Notebooking Focus:

All along the way, students will complete journaling pages in two editions. One, “Habitats, Hollows, and Homes” is designed for students in 1st to 4th grade. The other, “Burrows, Beehives, and Beds,” offers many of the same pages, but the hardest pages in the journal are replaced with pages that are easier and more phonics-focused than any others in the journal. Finally, the module includes extra journaling pages and the “Make-Your-Own Animal Book” pages that can be used with all ages, even your youngest learners.


This study includes a schedule to bring together all the great resources in this study, and make it easy to work through your eco-journaling. The eco-journaling includes in-depth content on the habitat, pages to direct nature observation, activity and experiment directions, charts and nature-study ideas, and so much more! It accompanies your student in their study and offers tons of interactive learning experiences. This study is planned around a four-day week, to make it super easy to fit into a busy family’s schedule.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “One Small Square: Swamp” by Donald Silver

Recommended Resources Used for All the Animal Worlds Modules

  • Recommended Resource for Grades 1 and Up Only: “The World of Animals” by Richard & Debbie Lawrence
  • Recommended Resource for Grades Pre-K to K: “At the Zoo” by Judy Press
  • Optional Resource for Grades Pre-K to K: “Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals” by Ed Emberley
  • Buying information is included in the study guide.

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