Ancient Rome

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A Six-Week Study of Ancient Rome

Type of Resource: Short History & Culture Study
Target Grades: Grades 3-9
Pages: 116 Pages
Length of Study: Six-Week Study


“Ancient Rome” is a six-week study that allows your family to explore Rome from its beginnings as a city-
state to its days as a Republic and its rise to a huge and powerful empire. Students will discover the ideas
of the Romans, their incredible building projects and roads, and the Caesars who led Rome to power.
Along the way, students will discover the lifestyle of Roman soldiers, merchants, traders, builders, sailors,
women, statesmen, and even gladiators and Christians.

Notebooking Focus:
“Ancient Rome” also includes amazing, interactive journaling pages that allow your student to create a
Roman Triumphs journal. The pages allow kids to show what they’ve learned in fun ways, and contain
content that adds even more to your study. The pages focus on the founding of Rome, significant battles
and Caesars, mapping, the lives of people around the empire, and Roman technology, trade, and cities.

The module includes an easy-to-follow schedule that integrates great reading, website links, DVD sugges-
tions, and intriguing activities that will get kids excited about the technology used by the Romans, as well
as digging into archaeological assignments. Plus, the fantastic journaling pages that take your students back
in time to Rome.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “Tools of the Ancient Romans” by Janis Herbert
  • Highly Recommended Resource: “Gladiators Clash in the Colosseum” by Spirited~Autumn~Hope
  • Optional Resource: “The Story of the Romans” by H.A. Guerber

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