Americans Head West


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A Seven-Week Study of the American Frontier

Type of Resource: Short History & Culture Study
Target Grades: Grades 3-9
Pages: 150 Pages
Length of Study: 7-Week Study


“Americans Head West” is a seven-week study that allows your family to follow America’s expansion in
the years following the Civil War. Students will begin by learning how Americans tried to collect them-
selves and help southern slaves find a new way of life during Reconstruction. Then they trek West with
pioneers, railroad men, cowboys, cattlemen, lawmen, and lawbreakers. Along the way, students will discov-
er how homesteaders proved up on a claim, how cowboys soothed restless cattle on the trail, and how
townsfolk and sheriffs alike fought crime in the Wild West.

Notebooking Focus:
“Americans Head West” also includes amazing, interactive journaling pages that allow your student to cre-
ate a Westward Ho! journal. The pages allow kids to show what they’ve learned in fun ways, and contain
content that adds even more to your study. The pages focus on the discoveries in the West, trade on the
Mississippi, pioneer trails to the frontier, the railroads that crisscrossed the Great Plains, longhorns and
the cowboys who cared for them, Native American ways of life and the buffalo they hunted, and outlaws
and lawkeepers in rootin’, tootin’ western towns.

The module includes an easy-to-follow schedule that integrates great reading, website links, DVD sugges-
tions, and intriguing activities that will get kids excited about the different people groups who made their
lives in the West. Plus, the fantastic journaling pages that take your students back in time to the frontier.

What Do I Need to Add to Complete This Study?

  • Required Resource: “Sweeping Into the West” by Spirited~Autumn~Hope
  • Highly Recommended Resource: “Ken Burns Presents: The West” DVD Set by PBS
  • Optional Resource: “By the Great Horn Spoon” by Sid Fleischman

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