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Just What is Spirited~Autumn~Hope?

Spirited~Autumn~Hope is a site that offers short studies and stand-alone resources available for instant download and use for families on the go!

Spirited~Autumn~Hope offers short studies based on the “Experience Method,” a unique blend of Charlotte Mason ideals and methods, doable activities, real-life experiences, great reading, journaling and timeline work, blended with today’s technology. It all makes for a fully-prepared, ready-to-do study.

As each short study is based on Charlotte Mason ideals, you should expect to initiate discussion with your student on their reading or projects, and encourage them to narrate about what they discover. You should also expect to choose the learning opportunities or activities that best connect with your student’s learning style. We offer a variety of learning activities, most of which are “open and go,” so your schooling is not only easy, but is also content-rich and filled with discovery!

Success with this study should be judged by the experiences your student participates in, and what they have absorbed and learned as part of their study. Students should work to complete as much of their interactive journaling as they can. The emphasis should be on the joy of learning and discovery!

Key Components of Spirited~Autumn~Hope’s “Experience Method”

Most studies from Spirited~Autumn~Hope include the following key components:

  • Intriguing Books . . . meant to capture interest in facts or take you right there in fictional settings. Activities . . . include hands-on learning opportunities and real-life experiences.
  • Timeline Building . . . allows students to follow the flow of history and understand historical context. Journaling . . . gives students opportunities to investigate, explore, and show what they know. Mapping . . . builds a working knowledge of geographical features and political borders.
  • Video Suggestions . . . provide re-enactments of historical events or see-it-yourself opportunities. Website Links . . . add interactive experiences that transport students to other places and times.

How Do I Contact Spirited~Autumn~Hope?

Spirited~Autumn~Hope is a daughter company to WinterPromise, and we are happy to help you with your questions about Spirited~Autumn~Hope studies or products at the WinterPromise office.

WinterPromise Office Hours:
March through September – Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST October through February – Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm EST

Office Phone: 1-802-372-9200

WP Email:

How Do the Ebooks Work?

The ebooks are PDFs, which makes them easy to use on any device that has a PDF reader. One of the first things you’ll need to get started is the program Adobe Reader (or another comparable product). Your resource or study will be delivered to you in PDF format, which is readable using a PDF reader. Many families already use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you do not have it, you can download a free copy from get. to use on your laptop or computer. If you are using a tablet, or phone you’ll need to download the Adobe Reader app for your device.

The ebooks open easily, and once saved to your device, they can be printed or viewed, or both. Most studies include some pages you’ll want to view only, and others you’ll want to print only, and perhaps some that you’ll both view and print.

Instructions and suggestions for prepping the study are included in the front of each resource, unless it is a simple view-only resource such as a lengthy classic book, for instance.

Discover Spirited~Autumn~Hope Notebooking

Spirited~Autumn~Hope offers highly interactive notebooking pages in most of its short studies.  These pages are designed to offer a lot to your students, such as:

  • Interactive ways to show what they’ve learned from other resources
  • Activities to get them involved in amazing experiences
  • Additional content to add intriguing or specialized information
  • Diagrams or cutaways of places in time
  • Mapping and geography practice
  • Cultural information
  • Focus on landmarks or natural places around the world

. . . And these are always highly interactive and content-rich!

In addition, Spirited~Autumn~Hope also offers timeline pages to enrich notebooking experiences.  These timeline pages feature information on what is taking place in each era, unlike other notebooks out there, and they are designed to be used looseleaf — also unique!  The looseleaf functionality allows students to file reports or artwork, pictures of field trips, and more in between the pages to create their own history book.  And of course, the timeline pages are designed as places to paste in timeline figures, add in facts the student has learned or drawings they’ve completed, and anything else they’d like to add!

How to Download & Use Spirited-Autumn-Hope Resources

Even parents who aren’t all that e-book savvy have reported it is easy to download and use their items.

Once you’ve paid for your resources…

  1. Check your email for a confirmation that will contain a shortened, encrypted link that will enable you to download your file (your download links is good for 5 days and 10 attempts)
  2. Simply right-click on the link
  3. Select “Save Target/Link As…”
  4. When prompted select the location where you’d like to save it on your device and click save!
  5. Now you may share it among any computer, tablet or phone as per our Licensing & Restrictions below.

Can I Return My Spirited~Autumn~Hope Products?

Unfortunately, because Spirited~Autumn~Hope offers instantly downloadable products, we cannot offer returns. But we do have helps, outlined below, that can help you be sure you’ll enjoy your products.

How Do I Know I’ll Enjoy My Resources?

Each resource available on Spirited~Autumn~Hope has a sample that gives you key information on the resource, and allows you to see sample pages from the resource. These serve to give you a great look inside what your experience will be like. The item description for most resources is also quite extensive. The price points are such that you can try a smaller study first, if you are not familiar with either Spirited~Autumn~Hope or WinterPromise, and get a feel for how our studies work.

But What If My Resources Don’t Correctly Download and Install?

Some parents may be concerned that they will not be able to correctly download and install the books on their devices. To alleviate this concern, we have included a “Try Me” document in our “Other” category, where you’ll see an entire section dedicated to “Try Me Free” items. These can be downloaded at no cost to you, and allow you to try out the process, and save them to your device so that you can see

How Can I Use My Ebooks? OR Licensing & Restrictions

Click here to read a “plain language” version of the restrictions, and a “not-so-plain language” version of them that follows it.

Just a Reminder — Don’t Be a Pirate!

We here at Spirited~Autumn~Hope have tried to offer you a good value with your ebook licensed pur- chase. In the spirit of a friendly reminder, remember that passing along your materials and passwords is piracy, whether or not you wear an eye patch! Help us to continue to offer you great materials by honoring our trust in sending you these PDFs, which should function well on all your family’s devices.

By purchasing your ebooks directly from us, you support our ability to keep offering the best in materials and customer service. Thank you for understanding and supporting us! We hope you will be blessed as we continue to bring you programs to help you create fabulous relationships with your children while giving them an outstanding academic education. Read below what you can and can’t do with your ebooks.

Things You Can Do With Your Ebooks!
Any ebooks or studies you purchase are licensed to your family as a lifetime license to use and print the resources you received. Your license allows you to print unlimited copies of the ebook resource you received for the use of your immediate family, saving you money and allow you tailor your study to your family! This includes permission granted to install the PDFs on devices belonging to your immediate family, such as a laptop and a tablet, a desktop computer and a phone, etc.

You are also granted limited permission to post up samples of your students’ completed work online. The intention of this is to allow families to share a few samples of student work with family and friends via online blogs. This excludes permission to post a page that is largely text. Anything posted must be rendered unable to be recopied or re-used as a student has already completed the work, and good judgment must be shown in posting only a sampling of student work, rather than pages and pages of a particular resource. Spirited~Autumn~Hope reserves the right to require posted samples be taken down, if it violates the spirit of family sharing that is behind this limited permission to post.

Things You CAN’T Do With Your Ebooks!
There are also common sense restrictions on what you cannot do, and you agree to these limitations when you download your ebooks. Here are the basics:

  • You are granted permission to install your ebook PDF on devices belonging to your immediate family, such as a laptop and a tablet, a desktop computer and a laptop, etc. You may not install your ebooks on a friend’s device, or print a copy for your niece, nephew, cousin, best friend, co-op buddy, neighbor, church group, secret sister, peewee baseball team, postal worker,Tupperware consultant, tanning bed pal, manicurist, great-great-great aunt Matilda — or even (I know this is tough) — a Star Trek groupie. Limited permission is granted to grandparents using it with their grandchildren if the items are purchased for use specifically with their grandchildren. Any other “extended family” use would require a special license — obtained by calling us at 802-372-9200.
  • Your license does not grant the rights to copy these pages for use with students outside your immedi- ate family (such as for a co-op or school setting).
  • The license cannot be transferred, sold, or lent to another family — so any of ebook resources you received can only be used for your immediate family members.
  • You cannot pass along electronically or by any other means any original PDFs from your ebook or an ebook set, including “samples,” or “used” materials.
  • Any print copies you make of this ebook are a derivative of your license, and they, as well as your ebooks themselves, are subject to these same limitations. This means you may not print, lend, or sell copies you make from your licensed ebook.
  • You may only use them for your own immediate family.
  • You are not allowed to resell, transfer, or lend ebooks or print versions of ebooks. This limitation includes print copies of books for which you own a copy of the ebook, whether you purchased at copy already in print, or printed the copy yourself.

Click here to read a “plain language” version of the restrictions, and a “not-so-plain language” version of them that follows it.